When booking a cruise there are many considerations that can factor into giving you more Value for your money.  Here is some common ways:

1)  Group Trips:  Group trips usually give you extra values, like on-board-credit or other amenities.  You do not need to book your own group either to obtain group benefits.  One of the reason's Pamper Me Travel is associated with several Travel Agency Host Companies is because each host company reserves "Group" spaces that their affiliated Agents can off to their clients.  Pamper Me Travel works with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers, Nexion, Travel Central and Vacation.com.  All of these offer special Group Trips choices each year for Agents to book.  Even better get your own group together.  As an organizer of a group you usually receive some benefits too.  Most cruise lines will give the organizer a free stay (1 person) per 8 staterooms booked.  It is easy to do and fun to go on a cruise with your friends and family.

2)  Senior Discounts:  Most cruise lines have a category on some sailings for Senior Discounts.  These can be greatly reduced prices.  Who is consider a "Senior" is different from cruise line to cruise line.  For example, Carnival uses the age 55 and only 1 passenger in the stateroom needs to be that age.

3)  Unions / Fire Fighters / Police / Military:  Many cruise lines also offer discounts for sailings to Union Members, Fire Fighters, Police, and/or Military.  AskPamper Me Travel to find cruises where you may be able to take advantage of these discounts.  Discounts vary from cruise line to cruise line and not all cover each of these types.  It is a great value, however, when you can take advantage of some of these discounts.

4)  Resident Sales:  Cruise lines also typically have sales based on where the traveler resides.  VA/MD/DC discounts as regions that are close to Pamper Me Travel are some that  keep my eye out for.

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